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Parents sometimes need their hand holding too…

or at least some friendly guidance to make them feel more in control. Sylvia’s mission is to help you feel invigorated as you learn to understand your child’s stages of development, and in turn their behaviour to empower you with the confidence to take actions that will solve your parenting and child concerns, and enable you to implement strategies that lead to a positive family environment and a stronger bond with your child.

Where to Start

Whether you would prefer one-to-one support or a group workshop setting, there is a solution for you. You can even just get involved with the Facebook community (Parents Keeping It Real) to get some support from Sylvia and other parents. One thing is for sure, Sylvia will be on hand to help advise and guide you through any difficulties or phases that you are finding particularly challenging. You don’t have to go through this alone!


“Every child is different, and so is every parent”

~ Sylvia The Parentologist.

Sometimes you just want to talk through your problems on a one-to-one basis in a comforting, calm and confidential environment. One-to-one consultations enable you to work through your parenting concerns personally with Sylvia, picking her brain and making the most of her decades of experience working with children and raising her own. Sylvia will support and guide you through each concern, giving you invaluable advice that you can use to better you and your child’s relationship. After each session, you will be given an action plan that will lay out how to tackle your concerns at home.

The VIP Supreme: At Home Intensive 1 Day Consultation

Can you imagine having Sylvia helping you with whatever parenting problems you have? Having her guide you step by step through every situation? Helping you feel more in control and less stressed?

Sylvia is often booked for in home intensive consultations for things such as:

  • Toilet Training
  • Sleeping Issues
  • Concerns With Your Child(ren’s) Behaviour

What if I told you that all of that is possible?

The VIP supreme: At Home Intensive 1 Day Consultations is an exceptional opportunity that gives you the chance to have the guidance and direction of Sylvia in the comfort of your own home where Sylvia can watch your family in action and provide you with tailor made parenting suggestions and coaching. Sylvia will take you on a journey to help you overcome any concerns you have with your children’s development or behaviour because she wants YOU to get the best outcome for your family and build a better parent-child relationship so you can have a more peaceful parenting experience.

Sylvia will provide you with a written review of the day plus an action plan after your VIP experience with specified targets that will help you keep up with the suggestions she has made, so that you and your family can guarantee success in your future.

Sylvia wants to ensure that you get the best outcome for you and your family, so as an added bonus, she will continue to work with you for an additional 6 months and take you through this exciting journey step-by-step. For you to get the most out of her 22 years as a professional parenting expert, she will offer you unlimited emails and text messages to get the extra support you need for the 6 months. Scheduled skype or phone calls weekly for you to discuss any queries that you might have along the way, to ensure that you get the best results possible.

Places are limited for The VIP Supreme: At Home Intensive 1 Day Consultation so please contact us for the application form and to find out available dates.

To see if this unique opportunity is right for you; contact Sylvia The Parentologist for your free 30 minute consultation.


Sylvia’s workshops empower parents by giving them the confidence to go home and solve their parenting dilemmas in a proactive and positive way.


Busy Parents Survival Guide: Understanding Your Toddler

This is a great workshop for anyone to get to know Sylvia’s proven methods and strategies that work to create a better parent-child relationship.

Are you experiencing things like:

  • Being ignored when you make requests
  • Tantrums at bed time
  • Fussy eating

Effective discipline is a struggle for any parent at some time. It can make you feel stressed out and even at times embarrassed. However, one of the most crucial goals of parenting is to teach children to develop self-discipline. By getting rid of yelling, screaming and smacking and instead encouraging good behaviour and using positive parents, you can see a difference if the way your child behaves and in the relationship you will have.

By the end of the workshop you will find out:

  • The principles and techniques needed to help children take responsibility for their own behaviour and learn from their mistakes
  • Why your children behave the way they do
  • Advice on how to respond effectively when dealing with misbehaviour
  • How to build a positive parent-child relationship

to find out when the next available dates are


Sylvia the Parentologist has over 21 years’ experience guiding and supporting parents and nursery practitioners and would now like to share her wealth of knowledge to a wider audience. Sylvia will work with you to tailor her workshops and talks to your specific audience needs.

Her current core subjects for speaking events include:

  • Planning a Peaceful Week- Strategies to Get Your Family and Career Working Together
  • How To Get Your Partner Involved With Parenthood
  • Busy Parents Survival Guide To Understanding Toddlers

The workshops and talks will not only be informative, with tried and tested methods and strategies, but will also be interactive, with breakout sessions and discussions. Sylvia incorporates her invaluable advice and her own personal experiences matched with up-to-date research that will help your audience understand how best to incorporate the advice into their everyday life. Sylvia is able to talk at events such as:

Sylvia is able to talk at events such as:

If you would like Sylvia the Parentologist to speak at your next event, please contact her here to inquire.